UnSeelie Equinox

Coffee Equinox

The first day of spring is here. Annie awakens to find her Rosary missing, she calls SME for help.

Liam wakes up and heads down to Coffee Cartel. He gets a fresh cup and sits down outside to enjoy it. Cole swings by and joins him. The Coffee is unbelievably good. It’s a wondering morning, relaxing outside, enjoying a good cup of joe, all up until Liam gets shot 3 times.

Liam and Cole throw themselves behind the table as the next shots miss their marks. They dive into the building to make a game plan. Cole Veils them and they make a run Howard’s they each take another shot. They safely arrive and a groggy howard opens up the door for them as they reach the safety of Left bank books. Moments later though Cole’s sister wanders out from the back wearing just a bath robe……cole laughs a bit maniacally as Howard begs for his life.

SME and Annie meet up after getting a call from Liam. They get the assumed location of the shooter/s from Liam and head to the condo complex. SME enters the building finding the guard unconscious, she heads back to look for video surveillance. Annie flies up the side of the building finding an unoccupied condo and 3 shell casings on the balcony. SME is unable to locate the shooters and they head to Left Bank to meet up with the others.

Liam removes the bullets and finds that they are Cold Iron and “Cold”. Cole takes one of the bullets and uses a divination spell to track the rifle it was shot from. they find it heading down highway 40 and then to hampton and towards forest park. Coyote Cole investigates and it is decerned that the shooters went into the Zoo, implicating the winter court further.

Annie has Liam do a divining spell to find her Rosary and finds that it is back at her apartment. They go find it back where she had left it, when she takes it she is filled with power and sprouts new fairy wings that look like translucent Scythe blades. Liam asks annie to borrow her car keys. She does so while trying to figure out how to hide her wings. Liam Takes Annie’s Car and heads for the airport……



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