UnSeelie Equinox

Party-less Night

Liam notices an entourage of expensive cars pulling up to the Arch Diocese. Annie flies around to inform Liam and Styles of the glowing light.

Out of the cars exit the donors exit their cars (including all of the vexus alumi) and begin to make their way into the arch diocese. SME, Cardinal Burke, and Bishop Rice finish the reinforcing of the threshold around the building. SME, Bishop Rice, and The Cardinal discuss what is to be done about the event. As they begin to talk about shutting down the event SME’s phone rings and gets an anonymous call, she it told that she should not cancel the event and that they have a lock of the cardinal’s hair and if she does cancel it they will kill the cardinal. The cardinal removes himself from the decision since he would be biased. The choice falls to SME and she decides to shut down the event, and tells Liam to get meet her inside to protect the cardinal.

Liam, Annie, and Styles enter the building to see the donors standing in the main entryway. Styles makes a distraction by presenting himself as a Warden of the White Council to the Vexus Alumi as Annie and Liam run off to protect the Cardinal. They arrive and encircle the Cardinal in Magic to protect him from whatever spells may be thrown his way. They then all rush back to intercept the Vexus Alumi from entering the exhibit hall.

SME arrives first and blocks them, informing them that the event has been cancelled for the evening.

There is a Short altercation with the Vexus Alumi (it doesn’t go well for them) However the sepulcre stone has been activated and releases its power leaving two naked men lying on the floor. One is Elden Carver, former Knight of the Cross, the Other is Nazaran, Denarian.



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