Never Say Never-Never

Ghost Night

Ghost Night

After pondering the acts of Arch Bishop Carlson, Liam decides that he is going to try to summon the spirit of the arch bishop. Annie and Sister Mary Elizabeth gather person items from his apartment and Liam begins his ritual using ash from the fireplace and holy water.

After completing (failing) the ritual the first time the hazy image of he Archbishop comes through for a moment. His robes are torn to shreds, his face is clawed and missing sections and his bleeds from his head. He simply looks at Liam and mouths “Help Me” before disappearing.

Liam quickly restarts the ritual this time realizing that summoning him within a circle would not only protect Him and his associates from the Spirit but would protect the spirit from the other side. He fashions an inner circle of salt within the ash and successfully summons the humble spirit of Arch Bishop Carlson. He thanks Liam and upon noticing SME bows to her and asks her forgiveness as well.

The Questioning of the Archbishop begins. He Reveals that He was killed by a demon riding a pale horse, a demon of chain. He is being hunted by demons and devils and that god has turned his eyes away from him (as he should). He reveals that Bishop Roach and Cardinal Burke knew his secrets, but that was all he could remember. He revealed that the Demon looked like a cowboy upon the pale horse (Liam and Annie realizing the connection between the culling brought about by summer). He speaks of Arthur Zuckermann calling inquiring about added security, and that Zuckermann was the leading force in bringing the Relics to St. Louis.

Near the end the Archbishop asked for time to recover. Liam offered to place him in a demetrious sphere however SME did not agree and stated that he was “going against gods will”. After much debate the Archbishop succumbed to his fate and asked to be set free. Liam did so.

After the ensuing debate on what to do next SME called Arthur Zuckermann’s office. She inquired about the increased security and the night of the Archbishop’s murder. after elongated questions it was agreed that everyone would have dinner at Kemolls at 7:00pm.



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