UnSeelie Equinox

First Night
First Night

While participating in supernatural League bowling night against the White Court Virgins. Liam, Annie, and Sister Mary Elizabeth’s game is cut short by Sister Mary Elizabeth being compelled to leave and go to the archdiocese of saint louis.

When they arrived they found the body of Arch Bishop Robert James Carlson who had been choked around the neck by a chain of pure Iron and shot in the head with a high caliber pistol at close range.

Upon investigating further SME sensed the residual presence of a demon but found that it was no longer in the area. Both Liam and SME felt that the threshold around the archdiocese was very weak.

Annie found a the arch bishop’s cell phone and a number of horse hoof prints in the ground 20 yards away from the body. Further investigation of the phone lead to her calling back the last known number from 30ish minutes ago. the voicemail was for Arthur Zuckerman, COO of Monsanto.

Bishop Edward Rice, Bishop Robert Herman, and an unknown woman arrived on the scene. Bishop Rice send Herman and the Woman inside to call the police. He mentioned that there had been an attempted break-in in the treasury area of the buildings where they keep relics and artifacts. No missing items had been found as of yet. When asked about Arthur Zuckerman he informed that Monsanto was one of the companies that had funded bringing an exhibit of holy relics from the Vatican to the saint louis diocese.

"Damp" Night

Liam, Annie, and Sister Mary Elizabeth get permission from Bishop Rice to investigate the Relics room. While Walking through the Halls they notice an number of signs pointing out the relics exhibit that opens in a couple of days. Liam Also notes that there are 3 other sponsors for the exhibit other than Monsanto (Ameren, BJC, and Boeing).

Upon arriving at the Relics room Annie assesses that it is a very secure location nothing the glass thickness, steel doors, cameras, and laser sensors. SME is draw to an “un-right” feeling from further down the hall. Liam cast a number of thaumaturgical spells to identify which item had magic residue on it. He also determined that this spell had been cast within the hour and that there was a hint of mortal magic the overwhelming spell was in fact a glamour.

The plaque read that it was the “Sepulcher Stone” believed to be the stone that sealed christ’s tomb. It was found between 20-50 B.C. and was later engraved in 490 A.D. and believed to safely delivery people to the next life.

After asking Bishop Rice to turn off the security system SME cut the top of the glass off the exibit. When she touched the sword of the cross the the item it dispelled the glamour revealing a wooden sphere with a metal band around in engraved with magical sigils. The item was activated and exploded out with water forming into a construct that attacked. It was defeated without many wounds to anyone and the sphere was taken by SME.

The Group Retrieved their cars and went to meet at the “clubhouse” on the grounds of Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet where they were reminded again how weak the threshold around the Archdiocese was. Liam investigated the item to learn that it was a temporary holding device for a construct made by a mortal practitioner of some skill. It would have taken someone a long time or alot of skill to make this device. SME cut the item in half to no success…

They Recognized that a Mortal Practitioner, Fairy, and Demon were all involved in this nights murder and theft.

They decided to convene at the archdiocese after mass the next day at 8:30am.

"Sad" Night

October 10th.

Sister Mary Elizabeth, Annie, and Liam met up (after mass) at 9:13am (Liam and Annie were late) at the Archdiocese. There was a police officer manning the crime scene outside. After checking in with Gladys Carr the Secretary they went up to Bishop Rice’s Office.

During their sit down with Bishop Rice they learned that he, Bishop Herman, Gladys and Arch Bishop Carlson were having a meeting regarding the fright night premier party before the opening of the relic exhibit on Saturday. During which the Arch Bishop got a call from Arthur Zuckerman and excused himself. Minute later they heard the gunshot and ran out. They Learned that Arthur Zuckerman and his fellow sponsors were the financial backers who setup the relics to come to saint Louis from the Vatican. He was very involved with the exhibit. SME thought that the Bishop was holding something back. Annie also “interrogated?” Gladys to no avail…

Afterwards they went by the Webster Library to Research Zuckerman. They Learned he was 39, had been in his position for 5 years, and had been with the company for 15 years. He has a Business Degree from Washington University with a minor in medical biology.

Next they moved on to Left Bank Books to talk to Howard Harden. Howard informed them that the item was called a Demetrious Sphere and was a powerful “grenade like” magical item used to store a powerful spell until it’s need. It would take a very skilled person or someone with years of time to create such an Items. Only people he knew who could do it were Liam and the Wardens (he thought he could make one in 2-3 years of work). He thought that the horseman sounded familiar but could not place it. Annie tried to show Howard a picture of zuckerman but her phone got to close to him and fried. Liam made an ice picture of zuckerman’s face and Howard thought it was familiar, after monstano was brought up he dug through his “Drop your card, win a book” fishbowl and found Zuckerman’s Business card (which he guested in the last 2-3 months). He also highly questioned the weak threshold at the archdiocese, figuring that someone had to have lost faith, been corrupted, or committed a heinous act to lower the threshold and it would have to be someone closely tied to the Archdiocese. SME Did not agree with this assessment.

It was agreed that the next stop would be the Wardens at the scottish arms.

"Wardens" Night

October 10th 12:30pm

Sister Mary Elizabeth, Annie, and Liam go to the Scottish arms to visit the Wardens. There they talk to the Bartender Otis (a devote catholic and minor practitioner who works for the wardens) and ask for Warden Meyers. Meyers arrives shortly and Liam informs him of the happenings regarding the Murder of the Archbishop. Meyers notes that the circumstances sound an awful lot like the 3 of them, a practioner, a thief, and a demon slayer. The Concept of the Horseman and the Demon being the same was also brought up. Liam showed Meyers the Demetrious Sphere (almost losing his head) and Meyers confirmed that Warden Sparks, Styles, Himself, Liam, Howard, (otis if he had a decade) were the only ones who could make one. Meyers also noted that Warden Sparks had not checked in the 3 days. After gathering all the information he stated the wardens would begin an investigation and left. At this time SME noted a Black Sedan with blacked out windows drive slowly past and stop in front of Annie’s car for a few seconds the move on. After Meyers left Otis informed them the nobody had checked on Sparks house yet and gave them the address. after checking annie’s car, they headed to 211 Labadie Bottom Rd (spark’s house).

Arriving at the property Liam Noted the circle shaped trees around the property and their obvious use for a ward. The house was in good condition but didn’t look like anyone was home. Liam began work on a ritual to learn the ward status. SME and Annie went inside for a look, no major findings inside the house besides a few odd animals in the ice box in the basement. Liam completed his ritual to learn the ward was taken down voluntarily had been down for 3 days and was very powerful for keeping things in or out. At this time a van came down the road and 4 men got out and started shooting. The fight persisted with Annie’s car being destroyed, SME getting shot in the shoulder, 2 were killed and 2 were knocked out. All were super-humanly fast, strong, and tough, they had jet black eyes and were thought to be red court infected. They were questioned (1 bled out and died) they learned that they were hired yesterday and told today where to find their targets and followed them out here. They were hired by a nameless blonde man in a suit.

Further investigation of the house lead them to the pantries in the kitchen which had magical sense and a trapped door. SME cut a hole in the wall and Annie went in to disarm a claymore mine while liam enjoyed a beer on the porch. Once inside they found Spark’s Magical Sanctum and his corpse lying on the ground, shot to death.

Plot Night

Upon finding Warden Spark’s Corpse in his magical sanctum, Liam, Annie, and Sister Mary Elizabeth begin to investigate the area (with little success). The Major Areas included a desk, bookshelves, a lab table, a wood working table, and the corpse itself.

Upon the corpse it was found that he was shot 3 times in the chest (primarily hear) with excellent precision. He had a gun holstered on his hip, his wallet, a wand underneath him, but not his warden’s sword.

On the Woodworking station a number of misshapen or imperfect sphere were found in the discard bin. The wood seemed to match the Demetrius Sphere that was found at the Archdiocese. Also a number of cube shaped pieces were found

The Lab had beer brewing equipment (Liam can confirm this) and strong corrosive acids possibly used for etching on the wood.

The Bookshelves seemed to have a few missing books but one empty section in the "E"s had an elaborate bronze display that was empty.

The desk obviously had items missing from it with a number of notes. Annie eventually found a hidden section in the drawer with a fake bottom holding a journal. A number of mentions to the Demetrius Sphere, a “Cube”, and there was a picture of the sepulcher stone and a question mark. Also Liam found notes that raised the question of a third party “Assassin” working for summer to pull off all the murders of winter and wyld.

SME talked to Charlie the thug who was still alive. He was weeping and told her that they were given a pill and that’s what made them so hostile. He no longer seemed to have any trace of the red court infection and SME confirmed that he was 100% human.

The Wardens were called and Meyers and Styles arrived 45 minutes later. They investigated themselves, and Styles noted that the claymore mine was new and must have been put in after the murder. Liam used a decay ritual to learn that Sparks was murdered 30-60 minutes after the wards went down 3 days ago. Sparks’ missing sword was brought up as well. They believe that sparks made the sphere at was used at the archdiocese, whether or not this was his plan was unsure. Charlie was released by SME into warden custody after a swearing of power.

SME had Sister Margaret pick them up and take them to get cars. They went to left bank books and talked to Howard. He did not have any initial idea regarding “E” books but mentioned that E was the 5th letter, pentagrams, ect…. Also Liam and Howard talked about the concept of a Square and Cubes being used in multidimensional magic.

Rest seemed in order

Jag Night

Liam woke up and went to help stock books with Howard at Left Bank Books. He received a call from Annie and went to pick her up to go new car shopping.

Sister Mary Elizabeth went to the Convents Library and started using the computer to research the sepulcher stone. Gaining access to classified Vatican documents she did not know she had access to. In doing so she found that it was very sporadic in its supernatural activities. Being linked to healings and other miracles at times but most often being known for sending people “To the Next world”. She noticed that the texts that it never mentioned sending to heaven. Also disappearances go hand and hand with much of the supernatural occurrences. In fact nobody who has ever disappeared in relation to the stone has ever turned up.

On a side bar this is when Annie and Liam show up at the Jaguar Dealership and have the red carpet (and a 2 carat ring) rolled out for them by Josh (Annie’s Jaguar Dealer) buy the newest 2013 Jaguar XKR-S in Gunmetal with all the trimmings. Liam also got a new suit out of the deal and a bottle of cognac.

Meanwhile on the Productive side of town. SME learns that the last entry of disappearances related to the stone was in 1890 by a Man named Elden Carver. Further Research lead her to find that he was a knight of the cross. His last known work was pursuing a Denarian known as Nazaran. Both he and the Denarian have not been seen since and the sepulcher stone was recovered shortly after along with his sword of the cross (which is the same blade SME carries).

Liam and Annie arrived at the convent and discussed the options open to them. Possibly going to the red court, white court, wardens, and other ideas. It was decided to book a Prayer group tour of Monsanto at 2:00pm this afternoon. They gathered some nuns, had lunch, and went off to Monsanto. Liam prepared a “detect Magic” spell and noticed that their was almost a lack of magic to the place with all the technology in place.

They now enter……the tour…

Tour Night

October 11th

The Tour began with Liam, Sister Mary Elizabeth, Annie, and their cabal of nuns. They were introduced to Carol, their Tour Guide inside. They were taken on a long tour through numerous areas.

The first was a hallway with Monsanto’s accomplishments. Then on to an atrium with lots of exotic plants. Next they overlooked 2 labs, one dealing with more agriculture and another dealing with more livestock. Liam noticed a faint trace of something magical leftover on one of the lab tables. All the while SME through questions at Carol trying to pry some information out of her, to no avail.

Through the Cotton, Corn, and Soy areas, and then on to the livestock areas. Upon crossing a sky bridge they noticed the larger building to the north. Liam instantly noticed magical residue over that building, as if some magical happening had happened there, fairly recently. SME also felt the residue of something evil lurking around the building. They tried to convince (and flirt) their way into carol taking them there but Liam’s charms were not up to snuff, and neither was SME’s guilt trips.

After finishing the tour they were allowed to stay an walk the grounds. during this time (and a prayer circle) Liam noticed Arthur Zuckerman sitting next to the pond feeding ducks. Liam and Annie walked by him and then Annie took out some crackers and sat down next to him to feed the ducks. They chatted pleasantly until Arthur had to leave (all the while Liam was magically plotting). When Arthur shook Annie’s hand (for the 2nd time) he was visibly shocked and jolted back from her. He excused himself and headed for the administrative building, very frazzled. Liam was beginning his spell whe SME intercepted Zuckerman at a brisk walk. He apologized and said he felt sick and had to go. it was a this point Liam’s hair decay spell hit him in the head. He stumbled, cried out, then stared at SME and ran for his building. SME followed in pursuit until he reached the building and locked himself inside. Annie and Liam headed for the cars, it was at this point that the security officers took SME into custody.

SME was locked in a holding room by herself. When Liam and Annie reached the front of the building the nuns were being taken in. They tried for the gate, but were redirected and taken to holding with the nuns. SME was released an hour later and taken up to Zuckerman’s office. He apologized for the incident. SME also noticed his cufflinks were crosses. They talked briefly about the event and he gave her a VIP pass and hoped to see her there.

Annie was take from the room by the security detail, she was taken to another lounge, and then woke up 15 minutes later in a chair to the security officer calling her name. He told her that she had fallen asleep and that their was a security issue and that it had been resolved. She was released (checked herself in the bathroom and found nothing missing or wrong with her) and given a VIP pass on behalf of Mr. Zuckerman. Liam and the nuns were released and also given passes.

They left and went to the ER at St. Johns to see if she had been drugged. After the toxic screening came back negative, they went to liams so he could cast a divination spell on her. After a couple hours he learned that a “Sleep” spell did not put her to sleep but something of a magical nature had.

Coffee Night

After a Discussion late at night (1:00am) regarding What had happened to Annie. Liam cast a divination spell attached to Athur Zuckerman’s Hair to hear what was going on around him. They overheard a conversation between him and a Man named Ryan. Zuckerman mentioned that he didn’t even know there were fairies. The conversation was short and rather vague other than that. SME googled Zuckerman and a Man named Ryan and found a charity article with a picture of him shaking hands with Ryan Andrews COO of Boeing Aerospace. Also Articles linking the Vatican Artifacts to Ameren and BJC as well. Then Sleep happened!

In the Morning SME got up early (late by her standards) and went to speak to the Mother Superior. They talked about Zuckerman’s relationship to the Relics exhibit and learned that he was the main driving force and brought others in. Bishop Rice Called (conveniently) to inform SME that the Threshold was still down at the Archdiocese. SME Decided to wake up Liam.

A muddled Liam conversed with SME about Zuckerman and what they knew about his capabilities. All signed point that he is a very weak talent or he would have felt Annie’s fairy aura much faster. They also pondered that since Boeing is involved (and in the know) is the White court involved since BJC is involved. They also spoke of how the Threshold could be lowered, looking at corruption or acts of Free Will that were against the faith. They decided to investigate and After some fancy coffee and waking up Annie they headed out.

They investigated the grounds to find the threshold still gone. Inside they spoke with Bishop Rice as everyone was getting ready for the Exhibit tomorrow. SME Reinforced what was left of the threshold but it would only hold while she was there. She and Bishop Rice agreed to meet with the other faithful at 5:00pm tomorrow before the exhibit to reinforce the Threshold. After that they went up to investigate the Archbishop’s Apartment.

Aside from basic living quarters, the main thing found was under a floorboard in the office. it was a box with articles and papers. All revolving around a sexual molestation case involving a Father Thomas Adamson. The final piece was a letter from the Archbishop to a Bishop Roach covering up the scandal as much as possible. This is believed to be what cause the Archbishop’s fall that lowered the Threshold.

Ghost Night
Ghost Night

After pondering the acts of Arch Bishop Carlson, Liam decides that he is going to try to summon the spirit of the arch bishop. Annie and Sister Mary Elizabeth gather person items from his apartment and Liam begins his ritual using ash from the fireplace and holy water.

After completing (failing) the ritual the first time the hazy image of he Archbishop comes through for a moment. His robes are torn to shreds, his face is clawed and missing sections and his bleeds from his head. He simply looks at Liam and mouths “Help Me” before disappearing.

Liam quickly restarts the ritual this time realizing that summoning him within a circle would not only protect Him and his associates from the Spirit but would protect the spirit from the other side. He fashions an inner circle of salt within the ash and successfully summons the humble spirit of Arch Bishop Carlson. He thanks Liam and upon noticing SME bows to her and asks her forgiveness as well.

The Questioning of the Archbishop begins. He Reveals that He was killed by a demon riding a pale horse, a demon of chain. He is being hunted by demons and devils and that god has turned his eyes away from him (as he should). He reveals that Bishop Roach and Cardinal Burke knew his secrets, but that was all he could remember. He revealed that the Demon looked like a cowboy upon the pale horse (Liam and Annie realizing the connection between the culling brought about by summer). He speaks of Arthur Zuckermann calling inquiring about added security, and that Zuckermann was the leading force in bringing the Relics to St. Louis.

Near the end the Archbishop asked for time to recover. Liam offered to place him in a demetrious sphere however SME did not agree and stated that he was “going against gods will”. After much debate the Archbishop succumbed to his fate and asked to be set free. Liam did so.

After the ensuing debate on what to do next SME called Arthur Zuckermann’s office. She inquired about the increased security and the night of the Archbishop’s murder. after elongated questions it was agreed that everyone would have dinner at Kemolls at 7:00pm.

O Holy Night


While driving and hearing the news of the Sepulcher Stone’s return Liam, SME, and Annie discuss what this all means.

Upon arriving at the Arch Diocese Gladys informs them that Bishop Rice’s Surprise is ruined and that he wanted to present the stone to them since they had been working so hard to find it. They went upstairs to meet with Rice and learned that the Book was donated by Samuel Porter of Ameren, the Security System for the Exhibits was Adam’s Security (connected to Audrey Adams of Pfizer).

They went to see the Artifacts and found the Esylium, the Stone, and the fact that the Stone was sitting on top of a Demertrious Cube. SME confirmed that it was in fact the real stone. Liam began investigating the magics at work and saw the both items had been tampered with. Annie went and learned from Rice that the “Stand” (Cube) was donated by Dorothy Caldwell of BJC, and that the Saint Louis Police Department would be the security this evening with 20 armed officers.

Liam’s investigation of the artifacts showed him that the connecting sigils between the stone and the book were identical. there was a direct connection between the stone and the book and that some sort of power source would be needed to activate everything. Annie left to get Warden Styles.

When Styles and Annie returned Styles opened his Wizards Sight to look at the Artifacts. He noted one connection Liam did not see, that there was a connection from the Demertrious Cube to the Book. It was then decided to summon the spirit of warden Sparks.

Sparks was summoned in an old choice room. From him they learned that there was no disarm to the cube due to it’s sold design to keep power in. They learned that Meyers had ordered Sparks to make the Cube and later killed him. Sparks also mentioned something regarding a “Daughter” which is believed to be Meyers.

More discussion followed regarding if they could shut down the event or not. Liam decided he would go outside and “Force” a shutdown of the event. Everyone else eventually made their way outside until the Faithful of Saint Louis began to Arrive. SME went to Greet the Cardinal, Bishops, and nuns and went in to perform the Threshold strengthening, they began within the main Chapel.

Liam, Annie, and Styles stayed outside as Annie went into a tree and Liam looked for a way to blow the gas line. upon his attempt his spell fizzled out as the Threshold began to take place. Shortly after Annie noticed from her hiding spot that the south side of the building, along the hallway where the exhibits were, and in the alcove where the stone and book were being kept, began to glow with a light…

(shortly after 5:00pm)


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