UnSeelie Equinox

Double Equiniox

Cause i skipped one, so this is a bit longer.

After Stopping at left bank books to ask Katherine about helping them get to Arctis Gaul, we Learn that Katherine has also made a deal with Coyote making an awkward situation for Cole. She refuses to help without answers. Styles also warns Cole that the White Council is looking into him.

They Enter the portal into Winter, traversing a dangerous blizzard with annie almost freezing to death. Also a pale white woman with Dark hair is seen through the blizzard.

They enter a clearing basin with a giant tower island surrounded by a lake. The water literally falls through a portal on top of the tower flowing down.

They toboggan through a field of ice wyrms to reach the shore and cole and liam make a thaumaturgy canoe to cross.

under the waterfall they see a mile high vertical accent. after traveling around the island they find a cave and Snowbeard the Barbagosi. they make a deal that if they get off the island they’ll take him with them if he helps them climb.

with his help they make the climb to arrive at a door. using her faith power SME opens the door (this place is not designed to ward the faith, why would it?)

They enter another golden door into a folden room. SME tries the break through but it backfires. Cole uses his site to reveal an Antimagic Room. they Use SMEs pickaxes to break through the ceiling. Entering another towering room of Ice walls.

Prince's Equinox

Shockingly More conversation continues on what to do with the current dilemma.

Annie ends up showing her Rosary to Martha, who inquires where she acquired it. Martha Reveals that if that is indeed her fathers than her father is none other than Puck, the prince of autumn.

New ideas surface involve using Annie’s new found identity to perhaps return the Erlking to his rightful place as Finvarra king of spring.

Martha offers to Liam that she will sign the accords in 48 hours. be powerful enough to stop Sephaira but it would reveal herself to many enemies that she would not be able to fend off without her full power. She offered this to repay him for his services.

She informs them that if they want to break the Denarian out of Arctis Gaul that they should talk to the only man known to have escaped it. Felix Tanner of the Summer Court (Liam hates that guy). Who is revealed to have originally been a Chaun of spring or more widely known as a Leprechaun who took refuge with Summer after the sealing of spring.

Cole takes his sister to Howards to ensure her safety and actually apologizes for his behavior.

A meet is arranged at the botanical gardens in the restaurant. Felix and Liam continue their usual banter and drinking (they’re quite the same you know) and strike a deal. Felix will reveal his secrets if Liam gives him a lock of his hair, he swears to do nothing with it for 72 hours. Liam accept and Felix informs them that Arctis Gaul wasn’t built to repel the faith (why would it need to) and that nothing can stop luck magic. He hands them a Golden Coin imbued with luck magic.

SME Wisely prepares for a cold journey.

Superior equinox

As everyone is leaving Annie’s, they find a young man on her doorstep, he is very cold. After a brief conversation with Liam he transforms into a Johan, a winter frost giant. Battle commences and the boy is disarmsed, literally.

They head to Scottish arms where a phone call comes for SME. It’s the mother superior, she has been taken prisoner by winter, Liam is to come to the zoo alone. He does.

A conversation between countess sephaira and Liam, involving a last chance to return and a drastic display of power reminding Liam of what she’s capable of. If he doesn’t return by sundown the next day, they will begin targeting his loved ones.

He returns and they have a talk with Martha regarding the status of their mission. Liam presses to go break out the Denarian as the fastest way to accomplishing their task and reaching out to the white council at the same time.

Hex Equinox

Liam tries to get Annie’s car to work to escape and get to Ireland only to find….that being a full blow Wizard has drawbacks…..The car is hexed and won’t start and his Cell Phone….is destroyed. He returns saddened to Annie’s house.

SME and Liam perform some experiments on Annie involving a Yoga Mat, and discern that her powers are directly attached to the Rosary and that She is in fact using Greater Glamour, which usually cannot be done by anyone but a true fey.

Cole meets up with everyone and more debate continues on what to do about their current problem of opening the gate of spring. Finally it is decided to try to make an Alliance with the White Council to use the Elysium, Cole will contact Listens to wind and try to find out what can be done.

The backup plan is to break out the Denarian.

In a surprise to everyone (especially Liam) Sister Mary Elizabeth informs everyone that she plans to leave the church.

They head for the Scottish arms to discuss with Martha and contact the White Council.

Coffee Equinox

The first day of spring is here. Annie awakens to find her Rosary missing, she calls SME for help.

Liam wakes up and heads down to Coffee Cartel. He gets a fresh cup and sits down outside to enjoy it. Cole swings by and joins him. The Coffee is unbelievably good. It’s a wondering morning, relaxing outside, enjoying a good cup of joe, all up until Liam gets shot 3 times.

Liam and Cole throw themselves behind the table as the next shots miss their marks. They dive into the building to make a game plan. Cole Veils them and they make a run Howard’s they each take another shot. They safely arrive and a groggy howard opens up the door for them as they reach the safety of Left bank books. Moments later though Cole’s sister wanders out from the back wearing just a bath robe……cole laughs a bit maniacally as Howard begs for his life.

SME and Annie meet up after getting a call from Liam. They get the assumed location of the shooter/s from Liam and head to the condo complex. SME enters the building finding the guard unconscious, she heads back to look for video surveillance. Annie flies up the side of the building finding an unoccupied condo and 3 shell casings on the balcony. SME is unable to locate the shooters and they head to Left Bank to meet up with the others.

Liam removes the bullets and finds that they are Cold Iron and “Cold”. Cole takes one of the bullets and uses a divination spell to track the rifle it was shot from. they find it heading down highway 40 and then to hampton and towards forest park. Coyote Cole investigates and it is decerned that the shooters went into the Zoo, implicating the winter court further.

Annie has Liam do a divining spell to find her Rosary and finds that it is back at her apartment. They go find it back where she had left it, when she takes it she is filled with power and sprouts new fairy wings that look like translucent Scythe blades. Liam asks annie to borrow her car keys. She does so while trying to figure out how to hide her wings. Liam Takes Annie’s Car and heads for the airport……

Round Table Equinox

The Conversation continues regarding how to open the gates of spring. Warden Cole arrives and further planning happens. Some Ideas that have Come up:

Free Kasriel from the Winter Prison and have him undo the curse

Steal the Elysium from the White Council and try to open the gate with it

Convince the Senior Council to allow Spring to use the Elysium (majority vote needed)

Convince the White Council to make an Alliance with Spring / use enough powerful magic to break to seal

Remind the Autumn King Finvarra who he really is (P.S. it’s the erlking)

See if Summer has any way to open the gate

Warden's Equinox

The day Liam has returned (much less pale) Annie is planning to check out the warehouse on North Broadway to confirm the Black Court scourge presence. They Arrive around 9:30pm and break into the warehouse.

Out of the shadows reveals Warden Vincent Meyers, now a black court vampire and dark wizard hell bent on revenge. The breaking of his contract with Summer (Caused by Liam, Annie, and SME) has driven him mad and he blames them for his daughter’s death. A fight ensues that starts off poorly with Annie being caught out of the air and used as a human shield to block Liam’s newly acquired fire magic and then thrown into liam (much like a bowling ball, he was captain of the warden’s team).

The warehouse door opens and the room is filled with a holy light emanating from a sword held by a small woman wearing a cat sweater. Sister Mary Elizabeth has returned and after a short battle that involves annie punching through his chest, liam lighting his now exposed insideds on fire and a final decapitation by SME, Warden Meyers is finally put to rest.

They leave and head back to the Scottish Arms to fill in SME. After calling Styles and few drinks with Otis they go upstairs to talk to Martha. The Coucil of Martha, Otis, Feargul, SME, Liam, Annie, and Styles begins.

Martha that informs them that the way Spring was sealed was that a powerful Wizard used the Esylium to close it’s doors and wipe the memory of it from the Autumn/Spring Courts. Only those who escaped to Tir Na Nog avoided the spell. This Wizard was tricked into doing this and then was promptly imprisoned in the never-never, and he was a Denarian by the name of Kasriel.

There may be other ways to open the gate to spring, however the man/demon who sealed it would surely be able to open it once again.

Unseelie Equinox - Prelude


Players: Liam, Cole, Annie, Sister Mary Elizabeth

One month has passed since the fall of Red Mask and the Awakening of Martha/Danu Mother of Spring.

Liam: has chosen to embrace his heritage and has cast his allegiance with the Winter Court aside to Join Martha in the task of returning the spring court to power. Liam has been taken to Tir Na Nog to be trained in the ways of the Spring court and meet his family….

Annie: Has been hired by the Archdiocese to track down a Scourge of black court vampires, she has tracked them down to a warehouse on north broadway.


Sister Mary Elizabeth: Has been training with Sanya for the last 2 months, traveling around africa and western Europe. SME and Sanya both get new “orders” from the almighty. SME must return to St. Louis and Sanya is needed in Mexico…

Never Say Spring Won't Come

After a Long exhausted sleep Liam, Annie, and Cole awake at Left Bank Books. They Check on Catherine (unchanged) and decide to head out.

They Make their way to Francis Field at Washington University. Upon arriving they step out into the center of the field, the weapons begin to hum in Liams’ hands. Annie can sense another portal to Tir Na Nog and Liam begins to Sing “The oak of two blossoms”. The Grass begins to grow, the sun comes out from the clouds and a portal is opened below them.

Entering they find themselves inside an earthen mound. lit by unknown means they find a large cast iron cauldron upon a smaller mound of earth in the middle of the room. It has handles on either side and carved into it is the face of the green man (the dagda). Liam takes the cauldron (lighter than expected) and it fills with water. Drinking it he feels invigorated and heals, he passes a drink to both Cole and Annie.

They leave the mound and return to Francis field to find it snowing and cold. A few hours seem to have gone by and they notice Countess Sephaira standing at the far end of the field awaiting them.

She informs Cole that since the death of Red Mask whatever deal was made between summer and the red court is broken. They no longer move freely through the ways of summer in this region. The informs Liam that she brings him no threat, especially since he is currently armed with the weapons. But formally asks him on behalf of the winter court to not revive Martha. When asked why she gives him a half answer that their will be consequences for both Summer and Winter. She informs him that the choice is his.

Liam is torn between his obligation to help martha and his loyalty to winter. They decide to head to the Scottish arms. They Call ahead to Otis…..

Never say you're Immortal

Annie, Cole, and Liam wait in the shadows veiled outside of left bank books. They can feel through nuada’s sword that the spear is moving closer to them. from the south an SUV arrives down the street and 2 men with automatic rifles exit and sweep the area before setting up points on the perimeter.

Kathrine and Red Mask get out in the middle of the street and the car backs away. Red Mask pulls out a revolver and points it at Katherine’s temple. He addresses the shadows Telling Warden Cole to give up the sword and tell him where to find the Cauldron or his sister dies.

Cole creates an illusion behind him and steps out to talk terms. Before they can come to an agreement Liam curses the revolves as Annie flies out and punches red mask in the face knocking him back and causing the revolver to not fire.

The Battle ensues as Annie dispatches the 2 Red court Guards and Liam and Cole assault Red Mask with Magic all while keeping Kathrine from Harm. After numerous exchanges of damage to all parties Cole finally taps into the Wyldfire and finishes Red Mask with a Chaotic Tomahawk to his head.

They retreat into Left bank books to heal, clean up the area, and call the wardens. The Mask Shards are placed in howards circle, as is Kathrine. they rest until morning.


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