UnSeelie Equinox

Never say the Prey Doesn't Hunt

After healing up at the Scottish Arms Liam, Annie, and Cole plan their next move. Go to Francis Field at Washington University or Go Kill all the Red Court Downtown. It is almost dusk and soon the Reds will be out again and more than likely they will continue to kill.

They Talk to Feargal who informs them that even though he was once of Spring, due to the nature of the fairy world at the moment he is technically “Wild Fae” and cannot effect Spring Magic. He questions who could have used the Spear of Lugh along with Red Mask since he would not be able to use the weapon himself. It would have to be fairy or changeling with blood ties to the Tuatha de Danann. They come up with a plan that if these 4 treasures are connected then perhaps if they used a divination ritual they could find the cauldron, they head to Howards.

At Howards they use his summoning Circle (and pet Seven) to attach a magical sense to the sword. Once the Ritual is complete Liam and Cole can one presence far far to the east, another close to the east and a third close to the west of them. They also renew their scry blocking spell and head out.

When they leave the building they do notice a car parked not far away with a figure who seems to to be watching left bank books. Liam begins to approach the car, as he does the engine roars to life and the car heads straight at Liam, running him over before during and crashing. A man gets out and transforms into the full bat form of a Red Court Vampire. He is swiftly dispatched. They find his Cell Phone and notice a call was made around the time they arrived at left bank books.

They then send a message? or Call? i forget

Cole and Liam Hex the street lamps around the area and they veil themselves in the darkest area, preparing an ambush for whoever arrivees.

Never say We're Always Productive

Yeah……Not Much Happened.

Leave Tir Na Nog Annie, Cole, and Liam step back into their plane of reality to find the area police taped off and numerous officers surrounding them. Guns are drawn, they are told to get on the ground. Annie Pixies and zips away as Cole Veils him and Liam. They Sneak away, and returned to the Scottish Arms to get Annie Healed.

They arrive and put Annie in the bed across from Martha as Otis begins to mix up a healing salve. They talk to feargal about martha’s unchanged condition.

Annie said something about arch/bridges? to someone? ummmmm

and they’re still there?

Never Say Gargoyles don't Bite

Everyone gets a good night sleep (especially Liam) and wakes up around 10. Liam grabs some starbucks and picks up Annie, they then head to the scottish arms to pick up Cole.

They decide to head over and Talk to Elden Carver at the Arch Diocese. When they arrive they find Elden shoveling snow, He is introduced to Cole (who gets that crazy holy powa stuff off him) and they go inside to talk. Unfortunately Elden does not have much to offer in help but does give them a vial of Holy water to take with.

Next they call Miranda and ask to meet with her at Seamus McDaniels. When they arrive they Find Felix Tanner of the Summer court enjoying a Pint of Guinness. Liam runs outside to call Miranda to avoid a supernatural baking soda volcano. Felix introduces himself Cole to tries to sway Annie over to the summer side. He offers Cole to come by the botanical gardens and that the Countess would love to meet him. He also gets very serious with Cole for a moment reminding him that he is true fae and that he cannot tell a lie, and to note that when he says "Something is “wrong” with Winter". He finishes his pint and bids them farewell and leaves out the back.

Liam (kinda pissed) is unable to get ahold of Miranda but Felix leaves before he arrives. Cole Sets up a Sound Veil in the back room and is startled to realize that he didn’t think he needed a circle to accomplish this. Miranda Arrives and they all sit down.

The Binding from their Oath to Feargul hinders much communication about what the Red Court and Summer are up to however it is still a Mystery as to what Summer gets out of the deal. Miranda says she will look into if any of the summer court can be linked to the tuatha de danann.

While Debating their next move after Miranda leaves, Liam hears a Banshee’s wail from north of them. They rush out and get in the car and head to forest park. Along the treeline by the soccer fields they find Miranda’s Body with a puncture wound through her next. Moments later the Countess appears who is very displeased. Following her Lord Paizo appears and directs the Countess should return to the Zoo, he begins the cleanup.

Liam, Annie, and Cole head to the Art Museum and try to open the portal to Tir Na Nog. Upon doing this the Gargoyles disappear. The overwhelming feeling of being stalked by a hunter is noticable as the Gargoyles attack. Severe damage is taken on all sides and one gargoyle is “destroyed” until the last takes Liam’s throat in his jaws and lifts him up. Liam offers up his name and heritage and the Gargoyle licks the Blood from his Neck. Turning back they notice the 2nd Gargoyle has regenerated itself and stood ready to pounce. It acknowledges him and allows them to open the portal.

Inside the portal they find another grassy hill, atop it is a statue of a man with one hand, seated and holding a sword out in his other. Liam Picks up the sword taking possession of Nuada’s Sword.

Never Say the Past is Gone

Finishing their research at Left Bank Books Liam, Annie, and Cole plan to go out and investigate forest park & washington university and the places that were built for the 1904 world’s fair.

Fearing the Scrying looking for them they talk with howard about ways to avoid the scrying. Howard offers up his Scry Proof Umbrella and Cole plans to do an Anti-Scrying Ritual on his Crow’s Foot. Howard offers up his Circles as conduits to assist in the ritual. Once the Ritual is complete they head out.

They First head to the Art Museum (they were just there…) and begin to investigate the statue of St. Louis. Annie notices that their is a portal to Tir na NOg present at this location, Liam feels it too and can also feel the attachment to the statue, portal, and two gargoyles atop the art museum. Cole opens his sight to see the power and history within the statue, the portal, and ward that would trigger the gargoyles if the statue or portal are tampered with. Looking at them more closely he does not feel confident that he could undo the wards.

Next they travel to the Zoo’s Bird Cage. Annie senses the remnants of a portal to the never-never that was destroyed at least a century ago.

Next they head to Washington University’s hilltop campus. Heading to the middle of the quad Cole opens up his senses and feels something west of their location. They follow until they arrive at Francis Field, the stadium, track, and football field that was build for the 1904 Olympic games. After further investigating they learn that the entire structure is a magical circle that has protective magic that liam notes is power based from spring.

They decide to get some food (IHOP) and Rest

Never say you were "Tricked"

Exiting the never-never from Winter Liam, Annie, and Cole arrive at Art Hill in for Park.

At the bottom of the hill is a Teepee with smoke rising from it. They cautiously approach, Cole opens the flap to find a Coyote seated on the other side of the fire in the center, he Enters alone.

The Coyote shifts forms to that of a modern dressed native american with a cowboy hat and a thick southern tongue.

He speaks to Cole about how he is a bit outclassed and that Coyote could offer him the power he needs to take back his sister. All he would have to do is become an emissary to Coyote. Without too much consideration Cole Accepts upon the Terms that He is Free to act until his sister is returned Safe. The Bargain is made and Cole exits the Teepee.

Returning to Liam and Annie they decide to venture to Left bank books. There they look into the 1904 Worlds Fair and Also learn that it was in tandem with the 1904 Olympic Games which was the first Olympic games outside of Europe. Which did note the Olympic Cauldron and the year the Statue of Saint Louis was installed.

I think there was more?

Never say you weren't abushed

Stepping out of the portal from Tír na nÓg Annie, Liam, and Cole are Ambushed by Red Mask and two Red Court Vampires.

The Spear of Lugh is taken from Liam and he is knocked off the earthen mound. Cole traps Red Mask’s legs in the earth while Annie and Liam Fight off the other two Red Courts.

Cole continues his assault on Red Mask and then notices his sister standing on the next mound over with some items at her feet, as Liam Takes back the Spear momentarily until Red mask rips it away from him.

After the two Reds fall, Red Mask steps out of the earth and activates his trump card. He speak “Kathleen, Now”. Looking over they notice her smudge the earth next to the items at her feet, The Items Being Annie’s Lantern, Liam’s Music Box, and Cole’s Dreamcatcher that were the payment for passage on the Tick Tock Man’s Train. As the circle is broken Liam warms and feels the cold touch of winter leave him, Cole is cut off from his Magic, and Annie’s Light goes out as she grows to full size and falls.

Red Mask laughs a little and says “It’s amazing what you can buy for the right price” leaning over the weakened Liam he states “Thank you for leading us here” then he leaps over to the next mound and exits through a portal into the never-never with Kathleen.

Liam, Annie, and Cole (Defeated & a bit pissed) go retrieve their items and their powers are restored. Moments later another portal opens from Winter and Miranda walks out. She offers then assistance to get back home through Winter, they depart for saint Louis.

Never say Power doesn't Corrupt

Annie Liam and Cole Step off the train in Ireland at the Hill of Tara.

Noticing the ancient earthworks they move to the top of them noticing two things. One is an old cross set into the ground, on the opposite earthworks is a Stone, the Stone of Fal. Annie can also feel that they are being watched in some way from the never never.

Liam and Cole can feel a large amount of power in this place. Especially Liam. Many people have died here, there are ancient ruins, and rituals that were performed here thousands of years ago. The also notice a small church to the northeast and another mound north of them.

Liam puts his hands on the stone and his Fae nature begins to take over. He realizes the power he has at his disposal and what he could do with it, destroy summer…

He begins to draw up tremendous amounts of power, he locates the demon catch in one of the hells and draws him up and binds him to a coin. He realizes with this power he surpasses even the countesses of winter and summer in saint louis.

The weather changes, ice begins to cover the ground, the temperature drops lower and lower with every second that liam works his magic. Cole and Annie begin to free as double digit negative degrees are felt. Annie hits Liam in the head and tells him that he’s killing them, he corrects the problem by flinging her 2 miles away so she will be out of harms way.

Cole reaches into the spirits of the fallen irish in the place and taps into some of the power that is being stirred. He sends a small army of ancient celts to pull Liam from the stone and throw him off the earthworks.

Liam gets up and is again punched by Annie, and is given quite a scolding. coming back to his senses. Annie tries to break down the portal to the place in the the never never that it is connected too but fails, the door is locked somehow. After a small time they put Liam’s song to use, as he sings the portal forms and the door opens, they go through.

They find themselves in open grasslands (reminding Cole of his sight on Martha), all they can see in the sea of grass is to a small castle surrounded by a moat. as they approach they notice 3 large back birds perched up on the turrets. The gate lowers and a man walks out. He is pale with golden hair and glowing golden eyes and wears a purple tunic, he holds an old Celtic sword as he approaches.

He informs them that visitors are not welcome here. Liam tries to convince him that the Red Court is coming here to take the treasures. Still they are told to leave. At one point he asks Annie who she is, what her True name is and who her mother was. Liam Introduces himself and is suddenly acknowledges as Welcome. The man introduces himself as Midir the Proud, Son of the Dagda (Liam’s uncle).

He takes them into the castle and leads them back into an open room of treasures, Liam is sure they are here. However upon investigation there is a Large Celtic Harp, no Sword in the decorated box, no cauldron upon the pillar, and in a raised stone pool of water there is a spear.

Midir informs them that Martha too the sword and the cauldron from Tir Na Nog 109 years ago. He says he does not worry about the Red Court because they cannot use the treasures, Only someone with the Blood of the TUATHA DE DANAAN can use them, He demonstrates by having Cole throw the Spear which is very hot and misses the target. Then has Liam throw it and it strikes true. The Spear is offered to Liam since it is his right to use. Midir asks if anything significant happened in the place they are from 109 years ago. Liam Realizes that it was the Worlds Fair.

They depart the castle and head back to the portal.

Never say Steam is Obsolete

The train begins to pick up speed again as Liam, Annie, and Cole stand on the back platform of the train. The next door in front of them will not open.

Cole and Liam investigate magically but are not confident that they can break it down. There is a ladder next to the door that leads up to the roof. Annie flies up it and sees the length of the car also noticing that the train is moving faster and faster still.

The train reaches a speed that would make crossing over the top with the wind unsafe. Annie has Liam build an Ice dome over the top of the car that they can crawl through dispersing the air and making it safe to cross. They do without incident.

The next car is very dark with only a few lit lanterns, a furnace, pipes up the walls and another door across the way. Annie zooms down to the far end and notices a large humanoid figure leaning up against the wall in the corner. With a load burst of steam the creature comes to life. It is a large robot looking creature who’s right arm appears to be some sort of cannon.

Cole opens his sight as the only way to see and realizes that it is a steam construct. Liam tries to communicate with it and moves closer, quickly facing the barrel of the cannon. After stepping back they devise a plan for Annie to close a circle around the construct at high speed. Liam gives her his Ash and she zooms off.

She gets the circle around and closed incredibly fast but not fast enough for the construct to get a shot off. Liam and Cole both get shot numerous times and fall to the ground. The construct collapses to scrap. Annie helps Liam and Cole through the door and into the next car (the engine).

In the back of the engine is a small living area with the a bed, small kitchen, and eating nook. There they find the tick tock man having Tea. He offers them a seat and some tea. They accept and are healed of all their wounds. after some polite conversation the train arrives at the hill of tara.

Never Say Trains are fun

The Next Car is the Sleeping Car. After eventually laying down in the single bed, each person has an encounter.

Annie is Confronted by her father, he informs her that she isn’t paying enough attention to the details, that she is not seeing the path correctly, and that she is too distracted, he compels her “Ooh Shiny” Aspect trying to break her of it so she will pay better attention to whats going on.

Liam is Confronted by the Arch Angel Suriel. His faith is put the to the test noting that he is straying farther and farther to his fae nature. He needs to return to gods light and abandon this quest for false idols. He compels his “Thy will be done” aspect with good ole fashion catholic guilt. Liam eventually resists by focusing on his loved ones and helping them.

Cole is Confronted by his Great Great Grandfather, Listens to Wind. He is Compelled by his “Red Court Warpath” Aspect to give up this silly chase after an ancient goddess and to focus on the war and saving his sister. He agrees with the old wizard and begins to leave but then is compelled by his aspect “Sundance Kid” acknowledging that he being tested and that he’s been through worse tests.

Next they enter the elaborate dining car. The entire right side of the car is a bar stocked with every booze known to man (and some unknown). after sitting at the 3 bar stools the tick tock man appears behind the bar dressed like an old western bartender. He offers them a deal, he will answer any question that he knows the answer to, the price is that they must have 1 drink (of their choice) per question asked. Cole and Liam end up having 2 drinks each, and Annie has one. They Learn:

  • That they will see Cole’s sister at the weigh station next stop
  • That Red Masque is just like all Red Court, Gutting him, fire, sunlight are his greatest weakness, they also learn that he primarily uses Fire Evocations.

The Train pulls to a stop and the weigh station. Everyone gets out and walks on to the platform. 50 yards away in a field they see a ripple and Cole’s Sister, 4 Red Court Vampires, and Red Masque walk through. Cole’s Sister is forced to open another “way” through the never never and they begin to move towards it. Hesitation and Alcohol get the best of everyone and a few reactions are late before Cole’s sister and 2 red court are through. the 2 full bat-vampire reds charge the group, Cole and Annie release attacks on the Reds and Liam tries to skewer Red Masque with Ice. It is easily deflected. Noticing now that their powers are weakened (from the trains alcohol) they dispatch the 2 Reds and Cole lets loose a huge bolt of lightening at Red Masque, he deflects most of it but his right arm is damaged. The blinding power of the lightening blinds Cole (temporarily?) and Red Masque passes through the “Way”.

Everyone re boards the train.

Never say Riddles are easy

After retrieving the musical piece Liam takes Annie and Cole to Powell Symphony Hall to use the Piano there. After a slight interaction with Bob the Security Guard they enter and Liam begins to play the musical piece on the piano under the spotlight with annie laying on the piano.


Liam blazes with an Amber light as Cole senses a ridiculous amount of magical power being thrown around. Liam enters a dream where he speaks to his mother the banshee speaking in an Irish Accent. She tells him that he is not of winter and that Banshee are the Children of the Dagda and The Morrigan, and that he is the great grandson of Martha (Danu). He Belongs to the sealed away Spring Court and that the Children of Autumn were let run wild. He is told Martha is the only one who can awaken the Dagda and bring back the spring. He also learns the location of the 3 treasures in Ireland.

Liam goes to urgent care for his migraine and then they go to Left Bank books to talk freely. Howard looks tired but accommodates them. Liam tells his story and then it is decided that they will go to see the Tick Tock Man.

They arrive at Union station and Annie Quickly finds the location of the weak spot of the veil. She creates a doorway and they pass through into a black and while rail-yard with a single train station. At the ticket counter the meat Bernese an Old goblin women who (after awhile) calls the Tick Tock Man’s Train.

After a wait a blazing red two eyes appear in the distance and moves closer revealing a train with the head of a skull billowing dark black smoke, Old Dark Metal and Copper accents line the train and after awhile it screeches to a halt. A slightly tall man in a mixture of a conductors outfit with 12 pocket watches and half a tuxedo exits, the left half o his head/face is entirely metallic with a single cylinder lens of red as his left eye. He offers to take them but they must pay the price and then survive the ride.

For Annie he offers a Lantern that he fills with her fairy fire. For Liam his voice that he captures in a music box (not a jar, i know, I forgot that i wrote this down already), and for Cole his passion and desire in a dreamcatcher. He then invites them on the train at the caboose.

They enter the caboose as the train starts to move. The first car involve riddles. As the elimination begins Annie makes her way forward through a fiery purple door, then Liam through a door of ice, and then cole through a door of cinders.

In the second car each person is alone and figures there way through to the next car. Annie blasting a hole through the door, Liam burning himself on cold iron and then ice battering ramming through it, and Cole after diffusing the electrical wards blasting a hole and bending it with air pressure.

they move on……


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