UnSeelie Equinox

"Damp" Night

Liam, Annie, and Sister Mary Elizabeth get permission from Bishop Rice to investigate the Relics room. While Walking through the Halls they notice an number of signs pointing out the relics exhibit that opens in a couple of days. Liam Also notes that there are 3 other sponsors for the exhibit other than Monsanto (Ameren, BJC, and Boeing).

Upon arriving at the Relics room Annie assesses that it is a very secure location nothing the glass thickness, steel doors, cameras, and laser sensors. SME is draw to an “un-right” feeling from further down the hall. Liam cast a number of thaumaturgical spells to identify which item had magic residue on it. He also determined that this spell had been cast within the hour and that there was a hint of mortal magic the overwhelming spell was in fact a glamour.

The plaque read that it was the “Sepulcher Stone” believed to be the stone that sealed christ’s tomb. It was found between 20-50 B.C. and was later engraved in 490 A.D. and believed to safely delivery people to the next life.

After asking Bishop Rice to turn off the security system SME cut the top of the glass off the exibit. When she touched the sword of the cross the the item it dispelled the glamour revealing a wooden sphere with a metal band around in engraved with magical sigils. The item was activated and exploded out with water forming into a construct that attacked. It was defeated without many wounds to anyone and the sphere was taken by SME.

The Group Retrieved their cars and went to meet at the “clubhouse” on the grounds of Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet where they were reminded again how weak the threshold around the Archdiocese was. Liam investigated the item to learn that it was a temporary holding device for a construct made by a mortal practitioner of some skill. It would have taken someone a long time or alot of skill to make this device. SME cut the item in half to no success…

They Recognized that a Mortal Practitioner, Fairy, and Demon were all involved in this nights murder and theft.

They decided to convene at the archdiocese after mass the next day at 8:30am.

First Night
First Night

While participating in supernatural League bowling night against the White Court Virgins. Liam, Annie, and Sister Mary Elizabeth’s game is cut short by Sister Mary Elizabeth being compelled to leave and go to the archdiocese of saint louis.

When they arrived they found the body of Arch Bishop Robert James Carlson who had been choked around the neck by a chain of pure Iron and shot in the head with a high caliber pistol at close range.

Upon investigating further SME sensed the residual presence of a demon but found that it was no longer in the area. Both Liam and SME felt that the threshold around the archdiocese was very weak.

Annie found a the arch bishop’s cell phone and a number of horse hoof prints in the ground 20 yards away from the body. Further investigation of the phone lead to her calling back the last known number from 30ish minutes ago. the voicemail was for Arthur Zuckerman, COO of Monsanto.

Bishop Edward Rice, Bishop Robert Herman, and an unknown woman arrived on the scene. Bishop Rice send Herman and the Woman inside to call the police. He mentioned that there had been an attempted break-in in the treasury area of the buildings where they keep relics and artifacts. No missing items had been found as of yet. When asked about Arthur Zuckerman he informed that Monsanto was one of the companies that had funded bringing an exhibit of holy relics from the Vatican to the saint louis diocese.


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