UnSeelie Equinox

Never Say Gods don't walk Amongst us

Everyone has spilled out on the east side of the Moolah. Liam and Annie look around for Martha while Cole regains consciousness. Martha is nowhere to be seen. Sirens are heard in the distance and Elden Carver assures that he will take care of the police. Liam, Cole, and Annie head for the scottish arms after stopping off to pick up their prisoner.

Upon arriving they see a number of people leaving the area, and a closed sign up at the Scottish Arms, after knocking, Otis arrives at the door, unlocks it and tells them that currently they are “Not” welcome. Liam and Cole leave the bulk of their power at the door and all three enter. They inform Otis what happened from their point of view. He acknowledges everything he is told and informs them that Martha was the target of the attack.

Otis leads them upstairs to find Feargahl blocking their path. With Otis’ blessing he lets everyone pass. Martha lays unconscious on the bed. He informs them that if they wish to know what is going on and wish to help, that they must swear an oath of secrecy. He sways Liam and Cole by informing them that this involves Cole’s Sister and Liam’s Great Grandmother. they are swayed and Annie follows suit.

It is learned that Martha is a member of the Tuatha de danann, Old Irish Gods predating the origins of Christ. He believes that the Red court seeks 3 of the remaining Treasures of the Tuatha de Danann: The Spear of Lugh (Which never misses its mark), Nuada’s Sword which nobody can stand against, and nobody can resist. And The Undry (The Cauldron of Dagda <2nd>

Never Say Buildings Don't Fall

Flanked on either Side Liam, Annie, and Cole Square off against 3 Red Court Vampires and the Man in the Red Mask. Senses inform Liam and Cole that he is a practitioner and Liam further notices that he is also a red court vampire.

The 3 inform them that they’re not looking for any trouble and start to jibe at Warden Cole. Cole’s desire to destroy the Red Court gets the best of him and he launches an attack at the lead Red. Two are quickly dispatched via an Air Tomahawk and a combination of Frozen Blood & Annie Punches. Liam Entraps the Third in a prison of Ice. He then turns to the Man in the Red Mask.

Liam is informed that he is quite skilled, and that while the Three Reds were his acquaintances but not his friends. He informs them that He seeks no Quarrel with them, and that they are free to take their prisoner and leave, and that he will do the same. It is agreed and they begin to wheel the ice prison away (veiled).

One block from the Scottish Arms a Large explosion is heard in the Direction of the Moolah. Liam and Annie turn around instantly and Cole follows after stashing the prison. The Western side of the Moolah has collapsed (the alley side) and Smoke and Fire billow from the building. Liam Brings cold upon the building to snuff the fire and begins to disolve the rubble to ash. Cole Collects the Smoke within the air and sends it off into the atmosphere.

Annie Flies around the other side of the building to see panicked people fleeing out of the building. Notable people she sees get free: Elden Carver (leading people out), Arthur Zuckerman, 2 members of the white court, Samuel Porter, and Gladys. She flies down into the bowling ally to see a figure holding his arms and some sort of magical barrier keeping the rubble from crushing everyone. Annie flies back to get Liam and Cole.

Everyone rushes to the front of the building (to avoid the fleeing crowd) and then down into the bowling alley. Liam finds Howard holding up the walls however is more disturbed by the fact that Howard is Evocating a Ward. After searching Annie finds Martha half covered in rubble. Cole opens his sight and looks at Martha, he instantly collapses into unconsciousness.

Annie is grabbed out of the air by a familiar framed figure with an Irish Accent. He is tall tall and hairy and is not recognizable by anyone as to what he is. He asks her What she has done. He also questions Liam and throws annie across the room as he starts to move the rubble. Liam dissolves to the rubble over Martha to Ash and then helps Cole to the way out as the creature grabs Martha and does the same. Howard yells for them to get out and Liam stops at the door unable to let his friend die.

LIam unleashes a wail the likes of which have rarely been heard on this plain of existence as Howard turns and runs for the door. As the building remnants come falling down they are instantly dissolved into ash as howard barely makes it to the door in time. Everyone rushes out and spills out into the alley on the East Side of the Building. Liam’s voice is damaged to the point effecting his magic.

Never Say Nothing is Hidden

Liam and Annie Take Cole on a Tour of Saint Louis. Numerous stops include BJC (White Court) the Moolah, the Landing (Red Court), the Botanical Gardens (Summer Court) ect…Until they arrive at the Arch.

Annie’s Newly awakened Worldwalking powers alert her to an old residual presence of a once weak spot in the realities that has been reinforced with an incredibly strong barrier with layers and layers upon it. Liam and Cole also investigate into this after Anne mentions is. Liam senses a stirring presence (slightly winter) close to them and goes outside to investigate. He performs a ritual using his winter aura to project his senses. He finds 3 beings under each of the bridges (Eads, MLK, and Poplar) of immense power, dormant.

Liam enters the waters and expands his senses again and is pulled into the murky depth of the Mississippi. There he communes with one of the beings that asks him why he disturbs them and if the gate is sealed? He informs them of his curiosity and learns to acknowledge their pure purpose of standing watch and protecting the gate. They inform him that “he knows not what he truly is” and he realizes that at some point they were maybe winter but have long since broken such simple boundaries as fairy courts. He sees the 3 bridges as they once were and were not. Eads touched with Ice, MLK touched with leaves and plate life, poplar with barren branches. He offers his help should it ever be needed and is released back into the world upon the shore.

After recuperating at Liam’s apartment, The Banshee Miranda shows up and to see if Liam is OK. She heard his call and seems genuinely worried. she asks him if she should hide this knowledge from her lady, and agrees to do so unless it becomes relevant. they go to blueberry hill for dinner and then to bowl.

At the Bowling alley, they see the Arch Diocese, the White Court, the Vexus Alumi, and a small group of 3 red court vampires. Cole resists the urge to end the Reds and after a few introductions and hellos, the games begin. The first round is won over the white court, the second is barely lost to the diocese. Before the third game gets under way the Reds get up to leave.

Cole, Liam, and Annie follow them out into the alley on the side of the Moolah, To their left the 3 Reds, to their Right an imposing figure wearing tactical gear, a long dark trench coat, and a red mask unlike anyone has ever seen…

Never say you weren't Followed

Liam and Annie meet up with Cole at the Scottish arms. Styles has already gone out for the day. They have tea and coffee (irish) with Otis debating their next move.

The Phone rings and Otis has a hushed conversation. he then asks if they were wondering about the Red Court, and that Martha Just called and was mentioning them. They decide to go to the moolah.

Arriving at the bowling lanes (It is bowling night) Martha greets everyone offering cookies and sandwiches. She informs them that the Red court has been “hanging” out alot lately. Never playing, just watching what goes on. Also on the side it is learned that Nicholas Price has met with Both Sidhe Lord Paizo and Countess Neridia about 6 weeks ago here. Cole shakes Marthas hand and gets an overwhelming sense of power unlike anything he has felt before. They sign up for this evenings bowling match inserting cole in Sister Mary Elizabeth’s Place. they Then head off to see Howard.

They arrive at left bank books, Cole is introduced to Howard (And Seven). He also notes the Red Court activities and question what’s in it for Summer. He Mentions that Arthur Zuckerman was in last week. One of Howards Wards is triggered and he asks if they know who’s following them.

Liam does a quick ritual to expand his magical sense to Annie. She flies out quickly and locates the source, a humanoid figure standing about 7 feet tall. She returns and then everyone (except howard) goes out to investigate. The Figure does not respond at first but when threatened is informed in a heavy Irish Accent that he is just keeping tabs. He then leaves by jumping westward covering a number of city blocks, Annie Follows. After trying to wrap around and lose any tail she follows him all the way back to the Moolah. She chases inside and is quickly grabbed by strong huge hands. She is informed that he does not wish to be followed and Annie dodges an attempt at a bargain. He lets her go and heads down to the bowling lane, Annie follows and as soon as the figure crosses into the bowling alley he disappears from her sight. When she asks Martha where he went, Martha doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about, she returns to Left Bank Books.

Everyone agrees that they will hopefully glean more information at Bowling Night.

Never Say Never Never

Warden Cole is transferred to St. Louis (at his own request) in search of his Sister who has been taken by the red court. Even with the knowledge that 3 wardens have been killed and 1 gone missing in the last 3 months. He receives a phone call informing him to meet with head warden Styles at the jewel Box at 9:45pm.

Shortly after they meet they are attacked by 4 red court vampires. The vampires are dispatched ((and the jewel box somewhat destroyed). They leave for the Scottish Arms and Styles Contacts Liam and Annie asking for their assistance.

Liam and Annie meet with Styles and Cole. Styles does not look well. He informs them that there has been an influx of Red Court lately. They seem to have made a deal with the Summer Court and are being allowed to use the ways of Summer. Warden Cole is tasked with stopping this alliance and due to their affiliations asks Annie and Liam for Help.

Sidhe Lord Paizo arrives at the Scottish arms and requests on be half of Countess Sephaira that they come with him to meet with the Countess. They leave for the Zoo.

Meeting with Countess Sephaira they learn that Winter intends to stop the Summer / Red Court Alliance. Warden Cole is informed to pass on to the white council that should they assist in this, Winter would allow the White Council use of the Ways of Winter. Liam is tasked with stopping summer as well. Their is also a new member to the Winter Court, a true Banshee named Miranda.

They return to the scottish arms, inform styles of what’s going on, and call it a night.

End Story: Gateway in the West

End First Story: Gateway in the West

Agent Byrns is believed to be in possession of the Nazaran Denarious Coin. His whereabouts are unknown. Upon regaining his full consciousness Elden Carver tells the tale of how he trapped Nazaran in the Sepulcher Stone by sacrificing his own freedom to trap them both. Alexander Cross is taken into Custody by the Catholic Church for questioning and healing. Elden Carver is placed as the New Arch-Bishop of Saint Louis.

The Vexus Alumi is Taken into custody by Warden Styles. Styles is Promoted to Head Warden over the Saint Louis 3 Rivers Area. The White council finds that Monsanto was siphoning the life force of supernatural beings and creating a temporary drug with them. This explains the odd red court infected and the Annie Clones. The production is halted and the product destroyed however they are confident there is still some of the drug on the streets, how much is unknown. The Esylium is confiscated by the White Council and Warden Meyers has not been seen since the last night at the convent.

Balance is restored between the Summer and Winter Fairy Courts in Saint Louis. A new Countess of the Winter Court is appointed, a Sidhe Lady named Sephaira. Liam and Annie are required to attend the ceremony assigning of territories between both courts. After his introduction to the Countess Liam recognizes that her eyes are the same he saw in the glass. She smiles knowingly at him and informs him “We’ll be in touch”.

A tall black man with a Russian accent arrives a few weeks later at the convent to talk to Sister Mary Elizabeth. He informs her that she did well in her first true test as a knight and that she is in need of more skill with her sword. He takes her away to an undisclosed location to hone her abilities.

Liam and Annie are left in Saint Louis.

Next Story: Never say Never-Never

Ask some questions, I may or may not answer them depending on if your characters would be privy to the knowledge.

Rebirth Night

Shortly after the light fades The Dark Haired man seems to recover swiftly. He begins to eat and drink off of the buffet complimenting its quality. Sister Mary Elizabeth has her sword drawn at the man. Liam tries to help the Blonde Man regain consciousness.

The Dark haired man tries to leave and Annie and SME cut him off. He introduces himself as Alexander Cross and he proclaims unless the Knight plans on Killing him in cold blood that he is within’ his rights to leave. Then the entire south side of the room explodes in purple light as a barrage of energy blasts into the room. Annie notices that the color of the energy is exactly the color of her fairy fire.

Mr. Cross begins to leave again and SME is unable to do anything about it. Liam hears the coughing words from the Blonde man (Elden Carver) saying “Don’t let him go…” Liam gets up points his gun at Mr. Cross and fires a round into his chest. A black chitin armor plate appears over his skin blocking the bullet. Mr. Cross declares that he is within’ his right of the accords to defend himself and Liam fires 3 more rounds. A scorpion tail appears behind him and lashes out at Liam at the same time Annie then throws fairy fire at the back of his head and he narrowly misses Liam. He declares his right to defend himself again. at this point SME gets involved and the battle ensues. Annie flies out to get styles and investigate the purple light.

Turns out Styles is protecting the people and 5 almost-annie-like clones are bombarding the building with fairy fire. Annie swiftly dispatches the clones in one blast and gets styles.

After numerous winter magic barrages from liam and cuts from the sword of the Cross Nazaran summons forth the Chain Demon used by summer to dispatch Winter and the Arch Bishop. Liam Squares off with the Chain Demon and SME with Nazaran. The hired security and a few men in suits arrive and styles arrives from the other end of the room.

Liam and Annie do fairly well keeping the Demon off balance though SME dealing with the Denarian on her own starts goes back and forth until a mighty holy smiting strike causing Nazaran to Flee. However! Liam Blocks the Windows with Ice and SME Brings her blade down in his chest sparing the human’s life. he reverts back to a man and everyone focuses on the chain demon.

Annie recognizes one of the men in the suit as Agent Byrns who she met at the restaurant, he promptly shoots her. after finishing off the chain demon SME turns to Alexander Cross and tells him “Give up the Coin”

He Responds laughing “I Already have”

Agent Byrns is nowhere to be found…

Party-less Night

Liam notices an entourage of expensive cars pulling up to the Arch Diocese. Annie flies around to inform Liam and Styles of the glowing light.

Out of the cars exit the donors exit their cars (including all of the vexus alumi) and begin to make their way into the arch diocese. SME, Cardinal Burke, and Bishop Rice finish the reinforcing of the threshold around the building. SME, Bishop Rice, and The Cardinal discuss what is to be done about the event. As they begin to talk about shutting down the event SME’s phone rings and gets an anonymous call, she it told that she should not cancel the event and that they have a lock of the cardinal’s hair and if she does cancel it they will kill the cardinal. The cardinal removes himself from the decision since he would be biased. The choice falls to SME and she decides to shut down the event, and tells Liam to get meet her inside to protect the cardinal.

Liam, Annie, and Styles enter the building to see the donors standing in the main entryway. Styles makes a distraction by presenting himself as a Warden of the White Council to the Vexus Alumi as Annie and Liam run off to protect the Cardinal. They arrive and encircle the Cardinal in Magic to protect him from whatever spells may be thrown his way. They then all rush back to intercept the Vexus Alumi from entering the exhibit hall.

SME arrives first and blocks them, informing them that the event has been cancelled for the evening.

There is a Short altercation with the Vexus Alumi (it doesn’t go well for them) However the sepulcre stone has been activated and releases its power leaving two naked men lying on the floor. One is Elden Carver, former Knight of the Cross, the Other is Nazaran, Denarian.

Holy Night


While driving and hearing the news of the Sepulcher Stone’s return Liam, SME, and Annie discuss what this all means.

Upon arriving at the Arch Diocese Gladys informs them that Bishop Rice’s Surprise is ruined and that he wanted to present the stone to them since they had been working so hard to find it. They went upstairs to meet with Rice and learned that the Book was donated by Samuel Porter of Ameren, the Security System for the Exhibits was Adam’s Security (connected to Audrey Adams of Pfizer).

They went to see the Artifacts and found the Esylium, the Stone, and the fact that the Stone was sitting on top of a Demertrious Cube. SME confirmed that it was in fact the real stone. Liam began investigating the magics at work and saw the both items had been tampered with. Annie went and learned from Rice that the “Stand” (Cube) was donated by Dorothy Caldwell of BJC, and that the Saint Louis Police Department would be the security this evening with 20 armed officers.

Liam’s investigation of the artifacts showed him that the connecting sigils between the stone and the book were identical. there was a direct connection between the stone and the book and that some sort of power source would be needed to activate everything. Annie left to get Warden Styles.

When Styles and Annie returned Styles opened his Wizards Sight to look at the Artifacts. He noted one connection Liam did not see, that there was a connection from the Demertrious Cube to the Book. It was then decided to summon the spirit of warden Sparks.

Sparks was summoned in an old choice room. From him they learned that there was no disarm to the cube due to it’s sold design to keep power in. They learned that Meyers had ordered Sparks to make the Cube and later killed him. Sparks also mentioned something regarding a “Daughter” which is believed to be Meyers.

More discussion followed regarding if they could shut down the event or not. Liam decided he would go outside and “Force” a shutdown of the event. Everyone else eventually made their way outside until the Faithful of Saint Louis began to Arrive. SME went to Greet the Cardinal, Bishops, and nuns and went in to perform the Threshold strengthening, they began within the main Chapel.

Liam, Annie, and Styles stayed outside as Annie went into a tree and Liam looked for a way to blow the gas line. upon his attempt his spell fizzled out as the Threshold began to take place. Shortly after Annie noticed from her hiding spot that the south side of the building, along the hallway where the exhibits were, and in the alcove where the stone and book were being kept, began to glow with a light…

(shortly after 5:00pm)

Book Night

A new day arrives. Friday October the 13th (dun dun dunnnnnn). Liam and Sister Mary Elizabeth wake up at 7 and discuss matters. Liam got a call from Howard referring to the Esylium as “THE” thaumaturgy book and that it was a serious magical relic. Liam decides he will call Warden Styles to setup a meeting to feel out if he’s a good guy or a bad guy.

SME researches the Esylium via the Vatican’s Database. She finds reference to it being involved in an uprising in northern England in the 12th century involving a coven of “Heretics”. It was being taken to the Vatican when it was intercepted outside of Florence and Lost. She Cross referenced it with Nazaran and found that in the 15th Century (1465) during the War of Roses it was believed to be in the possession of the Lancasters (who were rumored to have a potent magical bloodline) and Nazaran took the side of the house of York in an attempt to Acquire the book. He failed and the Lancasters won the war.

Liam got a hold of warden Styles and setup a meeting at the Bowling alley. They all departed. They parked outside but when they got out of their car Styles was already waiting for them. He Drew his sword and placed everyone in a magic reality altering cube that would keep anyone from noticing any battle. After discussing the current situation (especially regarding his good friend warden spark’s death) and realizing the Meyers was a Liar the tension was diffused and they went in to talk. Styles needs proof of Meyers corruption or the White Council will do Nothing. They noted that Arthur could be the proof he needed if they could remove the mind control. To fake their alliance with Styles everyone faked a battle on the way to the car and made a clean get away.

They returned to the Convent and Spoke more with Arthur. He had some phone calls during their absence and had some new information about the exhibit. After a thrilling round of “Ask Arthur” and a few phone calls from SME, they learned that the Esylium had been added to the exhibit under the guise of an old translation of some biblical books. It was also in the exact spot the sepulchre stone was before it’s theft. Liam, SME, and Annie headed out to go speak with the priests at the Arch Diocese.

Driving to the arch diocese they hear the following news story on the radio:

In a shocking discovery today police arrest CFO of Monsanto Les Osterman for conspiracy to murder. Upon searching his home police have found “the Sepulcher Stone” that was stolen last week from the Vatican exhibit at the St. Louis arch diocese. Catholic faithful all around the city are rejoicing and the Stone has been returned to the arch diocese and will be on display tonight for the exhibits grand opening.


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