UnSeelie Equinox

Warden's Equinox

The day Liam has returned (much less pale) Annie is planning to check out the warehouse on North Broadway to confirm the Black Court scourge presence. They Arrive around 9:30pm and break into the warehouse.

Out of the shadows reveals Warden Vincent Meyers, now a black court vampire and dark wizard hell bent on revenge. The breaking of his contract with Summer (Caused by Liam, Annie, and SME) has driven him mad and he blames them for his daughter’s death. A fight ensues that starts off poorly with Annie being caught out of the air and used as a human shield to block Liam’s newly acquired fire magic and then thrown into liam (much like a bowling ball, he was captain of the warden’s team).

The warehouse door opens and the room is filled with a holy light emanating from a sword held by a small woman wearing a cat sweater. Sister Mary Elizabeth has returned and after a short battle that involves annie punching through his chest, liam lighting his now exposed insideds on fire and a final decapitation by SME, Warden Meyers is finally put to rest.

They leave and head back to the Scottish Arms to fill in SME. After calling Styles and few drinks with Otis they go upstairs to talk to Martha. The Coucil of Martha, Otis, Feargul, SME, Liam, Annie, and Styles begins.

Martha that informs them that the way Spring was sealed was that a powerful Wizard used the Esylium to close it’s doors and wipe the memory of it from the Autumn/Spring Courts. Only those who escaped to Tir Na Nog avoided the spell. This Wizard was tricked into doing this and then was promptly imprisoned in the never-never, and he was a Denarian by the name of Kasriel.

There may be other ways to open the gate to spring, however the man/demon who sealed it would surely be able to open it once again.



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