UnSeelie Equinox

Unseelie Equinox - Prelude


Players: Liam, Cole, Annie, Sister Mary Elizabeth

One month has passed since the fall of Red Mask and the Awakening of Martha/Danu Mother of Spring.

Liam: has chosen to embrace his heritage and has cast his allegiance with the Winter Court aside to Join Martha in the task of returning the spring court to power. Liam has been taken to Tir Na Nog to be trained in the ways of the Spring court and meet his family….

Annie: Has been hired by the Archdiocese to track down a Scourge of black court vampires, she has tracked them down to a warehouse on north broadway.


Sister Mary Elizabeth: Has been training with Sanya for the last 2 months, traveling around africa and western Europe. SME and Sanya both get new “orders” from the almighty. SME must return to St. Louis and Sanya is needed in Mexico…



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