UnSeelie Equinox

Tour Night

October 11th

The Tour began with Liam, Sister Mary Elizabeth, Annie, and their cabal of nuns. They were introduced to Carol, their Tour Guide inside. They were taken on a long tour through numerous areas.

The first was a hallway with Monsanto’s accomplishments. Then on to an atrium with lots of exotic plants. Next they overlooked 2 labs, one dealing with more agriculture and another dealing with more livestock. Liam noticed a faint trace of something magical leftover on one of the lab tables. All the while SME through questions at Carol trying to pry some information out of her, to no avail.

Through the Cotton, Corn, and Soy areas, and then on to the livestock areas. Upon crossing a sky bridge they noticed the larger building to the north. Liam instantly noticed magical residue over that building, as if some magical happening had happened there, fairly recently. SME also felt the residue of something evil lurking around the building. They tried to convince (and flirt) their way into carol taking them there but Liam’s charms were not up to snuff, and neither was SME’s guilt trips.

After finishing the tour they were allowed to stay an walk the grounds. during this time (and a prayer circle) Liam noticed Arthur Zuckerman sitting next to the pond feeding ducks. Liam and Annie walked by him and then Annie took out some crackers and sat down next to him to feed the ducks. They chatted pleasantly until Arthur had to leave (all the while Liam was magically plotting). When Arthur shook Annie’s hand (for the 2nd time) he was visibly shocked and jolted back from her. He excused himself and headed for the administrative building, very frazzled. Liam was beginning his spell whe SME intercepted Zuckerman at a brisk walk. He apologized and said he felt sick and had to go. it was a this point Liam’s hair decay spell hit him in the head. He stumbled, cried out, then stared at SME and ran for his building. SME followed in pursuit until he reached the building and locked himself inside. Annie and Liam headed for the cars, it was at this point that the security officers took SME into custody.

SME was locked in a holding room by herself. When Liam and Annie reached the front of the building the nuns were being taken in. They tried for the gate, but were redirected and taken to holding with the nuns. SME was released an hour later and taken up to Zuckerman’s office. He apologized for the incident. SME also noticed his cufflinks were crosses. They talked briefly about the event and he gave her a VIP pass and hoped to see her there.

Annie was take from the room by the security detail, she was taken to another lounge, and then woke up 15 minutes later in a chair to the security officer calling her name. He told her that she had fallen asleep and that their was a security issue and that it had been resolved. She was released (checked herself in the bathroom and found nothing missing or wrong with her) and given a VIP pass on behalf of Mr. Zuckerman. Liam and the nuns were released and also given passes.

They left and went to the ER at St. Johns to see if she had been drugged. After the toxic screening came back negative, they went to liams so he could cast a divination spell on her. After a couple hours he learned that a “Sleep” spell did not put her to sleep but something of a magical nature had.


The Mother Superior is in the know – True Faith and Bless this House (at least)

Tour Night

We plan a prayer circle before the Gala tomorrow – to boost the threshold and honor the Archbishop.

Tour Night

Sexual abuse cases found in a hidden drawer in the Archbishop’s apartment… Hmm…

Tour Night

Reverend Thomas Adamson – accused abuser.

Tour Night

Embossed letter to Bishop Roche from Archbishop Carlson – the signature seems to be… wrong in some way.

Tour Night

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