UnSeelie Equinox

Superior equinox

As everyone is leaving Annie’s, they find a young man on her doorstep, he is very cold. After a brief conversation with Liam he transforms into a Johan, a winter frost giant. Battle commences and the boy is disarmsed, literally.

They head to Scottish arms where a phone call comes for SME. It’s the mother superior, she has been taken prisoner by winter, Liam is to come to the zoo alone. He does.

A conversation between countess sephaira and Liam, involving a last chance to return and a drastic display of power reminding Liam of what she’s capable of. If he doesn’t return by sundown the next day, they will begin targeting his loved ones.

He returns and they have a talk with Martha regarding the status of their mission. Liam presses to go break out the Denarian as the fastest way to accomplishing their task and reaching out to the white council at the same time.



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