UnSeelie Equinox

Prince's Equinox

Shockingly More conversation continues on what to do with the current dilemma.

Annie ends up showing her Rosary to Martha, who inquires where she acquired it. Martha Reveals that if that is indeed her fathers than her father is none other than Puck, the prince of autumn.

New ideas surface involve using Annie’s new found identity to perhaps return the Erlking to his rightful place as Finvarra king of spring.

Martha offers to Liam that she will sign the accords in 48 hours. be powerful enough to stop Sephaira but it would reveal herself to many enemies that she would not be able to fend off without her full power. She offered this to repay him for his services.

She informs them that if they want to break the Denarian out of Arctis Gaul that they should talk to the only man known to have escaped it. Felix Tanner of the Summer Court (Liam hates that guy). Who is revealed to have originally been a Chaun of spring or more widely known as a Leprechaun who took refuge with Summer after the sealing of spring.

Cole takes his sister to Howards to ensure her safety and actually apologizes for his behavior.

A meet is arranged at the botanical gardens in the restaurant. Felix and Liam continue their usual banter and drinking (they’re quite the same you know) and strike a deal. Felix will reveal his secrets if Liam gives him a lock of his hair, he swears to do nothing with it for 72 hours. Liam accept and Felix informs them that Arctis Gaul wasn’t built to repel the faith (why would it need to) and that nothing can stop luck magic. He hands them a Golden Coin imbued with luck magic.

SME Wisely prepares for a cold journey.



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