UnSeelie Equinox

Never say you're Immortal

Annie, Cole, and Liam wait in the shadows veiled outside of left bank books. They can feel through nuada’s sword that the spear is moving closer to them. from the south an SUV arrives down the street and 2 men with automatic rifles exit and sweep the area before setting up points on the perimeter.

Kathrine and Red Mask get out in the middle of the street and the car backs away. Red Mask pulls out a revolver and points it at Katherine’s temple. He addresses the shadows Telling Warden Cole to give up the sword and tell him where to find the Cauldron or his sister dies.

Cole creates an illusion behind him and steps out to talk terms. Before they can come to an agreement Liam curses the revolves as Annie flies out and punches red mask in the face knocking him back and causing the revolver to not fire.

The Battle ensues as Annie dispatches the 2 Red court Guards and Liam and Cole assault Red Mask with Magic all while keeping Kathrine from Harm. After numerous exchanges of damage to all parties Cole finally taps into the Wyldfire and finishes Red Mask with a Chaotic Tomahawk to his head.

They retreat into Left bank books to heal, clean up the area, and call the wardens. The Mask Shards are placed in howards circle, as is Kathrine. they rest until morning.



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