UnSeelie Equinox

Never Say Spring Won't Come

After a Long exhausted sleep Liam, Annie, and Cole awake at Left Bank Books. They Check on Catherine (unchanged) and decide to head out.

They Make their way to Francis Field at Washington University. Upon arriving they step out into the center of the field, the weapons begin to hum in Liams’ hands. Annie can sense another portal to Tir Na Nog and Liam begins to Sing “The oak of two blossoms”. The Grass begins to grow, the sun comes out from the clouds and a portal is opened below them.

Entering they find themselves inside an earthen mound. lit by unknown means they find a large cast iron cauldron upon a smaller mound of earth in the middle of the room. It has handles on either side and carved into it is the face of the green man (the dagda). Liam takes the cauldron (lighter than expected) and it fills with water. Drinking it he feels invigorated and heals, he passes a drink to both Cole and Annie.

They leave the mound and return to Francis field to find it snowing and cold. A few hours seem to have gone by and they notice Countess Sephaira standing at the far end of the field awaiting them.

She informs Cole that since the death of Red Mask whatever deal was made between summer and the red court is broken. They no longer move freely through the ways of summer in this region. The informs Liam that she brings him no threat, especially since he is currently armed with the weapons. But formally asks him on behalf of the winter court to not revive Martha. When asked why she gives him a half answer that their will be consequences for both Summer and Winter. She informs him that the choice is his.

Liam is torn between his obligation to help martha and his loyalty to winter. They decide to head to the Scottish arms. They Call ahead to Otis…..



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