UnSeelie Equinox

Jag Night

Liam woke up and went to help stock books with Howard at Left Bank Books. He received a call from Annie and went to pick her up to go new car shopping.

Sister Mary Elizabeth went to the Convents Library and started using the computer to research the sepulcher stone. Gaining access to classified Vatican documents she did not know she had access to. In doing so she found that it was very sporadic in its supernatural activities. Being linked to healings and other miracles at times but most often being known for sending people “To the Next world”. She noticed that the texts that it never mentioned sending to heaven. Also disappearances go hand and hand with much of the supernatural occurrences. In fact nobody who has ever disappeared in relation to the stone has ever turned up.

On a side bar this is when Annie and Liam show up at the Jaguar Dealership and have the red carpet (and a 2 carat ring) rolled out for them by Josh (Annie’s Jaguar Dealer) buy the newest 2013 Jaguar XKR-S in Gunmetal with all the trimmings. Liam also got a new suit out of the deal and a bottle of cognac.

Meanwhile on the Productive side of town. SME learns that the last entry of disappearances related to the stone was in 1890 by a Man named Elden Carver. Further Research lead her to find that he was a knight of the cross. His last known work was pursuing a Denarian known as Nazaran. Both he and the Denarian have not been seen since and the sepulcher stone was recovered shortly after along with his sword of the cross (which is the same blade SME carries).

Liam and Annie arrived at the convent and discussed the options open to them. Possibly going to the red court, white court, wardens, and other ideas. It was decided to book a Prayer group tour of Monsanto at 2:00pm this afternoon. They gathered some nuns, had lunch, and went off to Monsanto. Liam prepared a “detect Magic” spell and noticed that their was almost a lack of magic to the place with all the technology in place.

They now enter……the tour…



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