UnSeelie Equinox

Hex Equinox

Liam tries to get Annie’s car to work to escape and get to Ireland only to find….that being a full blow Wizard has drawbacks…..The car is hexed and won’t start and his Cell Phone….is destroyed. He returns saddened to Annie’s house.

SME and Liam perform some experiments on Annie involving a Yoga Mat, and discern that her powers are directly attached to the Rosary and that She is in fact using Greater Glamour, which usually cannot be done by anyone but a true fey.

Cole meets up with everyone and more debate continues on what to do about their current problem of opening the gate of spring. Finally it is decided to try to make an Alliance with the White Council to use the Elysium, Cole will contact Listens to wind and try to find out what can be done.

The backup plan is to break out the Denarian.

In a surprise to everyone (especially Liam) Sister Mary Elizabeth informs everyone that she plans to leave the church.

They head for the Scottish arms to discuss with Martha and contact the White Council.



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