UnSeelie Equinox

Double Equiniox

Cause i skipped one, so this is a bit longer.

After Stopping at left bank books to ask Katherine about helping them get to Arctis Gaul, we Learn that Katherine has also made a deal with Coyote making an awkward situation for Cole. She refuses to help without answers. Styles also warns Cole that the White Council is looking into him.

They Enter the portal into Winter, traversing a dangerous blizzard with annie almost freezing to death. Also a pale white woman with Dark hair is seen through the blizzard.

They enter a clearing basin with a giant tower island surrounded by a lake. The water literally falls through a portal on top of the tower flowing down.

They toboggan through a field of ice wyrms to reach the shore and cole and liam make a thaumaturgy canoe to cross.

under the waterfall they see a mile high vertical accent. after traveling around the island they find a cave and Snowbeard the Barbagosi. they make a deal that if they get off the island they’ll take him with them if he helps them climb.

with his help they make the climb to arrive at a door. using her faith power SME opens the door (this place is not designed to ward the faith, why would it?)

They enter another golden door into a folden room. SME tries the break through but it backfires. Cole uses his site to reveal an Antimagic Room. they Use SMEs pickaxes to break through the ceiling. Entering another towering room of Ice walls.



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