UnSeelie Equinox

Dinner Night

Sister Mary Elizabeth, Liam, and Annie finish up at the Archbishop’s apartment. Searching one last time Annie finds a list of the supporting companies for the exhibit with a new addition to the list: (Pfizer) separate from the others.

Everyone stops by their homes and changes into dinner attire. While pulling up the Kemoll’s SME gets a dark presence feeling off of a sedan driving away from the Metropolitan building. It feels wrong and evil and unlike anything she has felt before. Annie turns the car around and they try to pursue the car but lose it on the highway. They then returned to the metropolitan building.

SME takes a photo of the building registry. Upon entering Kemoll’s SME feels the residue that the entity that was in the car (Government plates S-23) was definitely in this room. After sitting down with Arthur Zuckermann SME realizes that he had nothing to do with the evil residue and that in fact is left by a man sitting alone at a table by the window.

They spoke briefly with Zuckermann about the added security and that he was worried about other members of board of directors acting out against his decision to combine his beliefs and Monsanto’s goals. He inquired as to what Annie and Liam were as well.

When the gentlemen at the window got up to leave Annie went by the window asking about reception. He responded plainly to her and left. he waited for the elevator and she followed him in. She tried to engage him in small talk to no avail. He left and got into a lexus (Government Plates S-24).

After conversation with Zuckermann and Liam bringing up “Demons” Arthur seemed to acknowledge that he knew more than he was saying but was not comfortable talking about it in public. They agreed to go to the convent. Liam rode with Arthur in his Audi.

While driving on the highway an SUV attempted a hit on Arthurs Audi. Gunfire was exchanged, Liam Hexed the Car and flipped in over and then Arthur and Liam sped away. SME and Annie approached the car and fought off 2 of the 3 assailants. The third was not willing to give up any information and the left he scene before the police arrived.

Everyone is headed to the convent around 9:30pm.



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