UnSeelie Equinox

Brainwashed Night


Everyone safely reaches the convent after the encounter with the Assassins. Liam and Arthur arrive first and await Sister Mary Elizabeth and Annie. Once everyone arrives the go to the “clubhouse”.

Liam assures Arthur that the wards (and threshold) around the building will protect them from any scrying or harm. A long few hours of questioning beings.

Arthur gives out information regarding what he knows and that he isn’t sure if the attempt on his life was Via the Monsanto Board Members or “Another Group”. When questioned about this other group he often refers back to the Exact same phrase “I don’t know if it would be good for me to talk about this”. They do learn that some of the high ranking individuals at other businesses are practitioners and have what SME called “A super secret underground magic Cabal”.

After he continually evades questions with the same phrase Liam casts a magic detection spell on Arthur and shares the vision to SME and Annie. The notice a ethereal 2 inch Railroad spike stuck in the side of his head. Liam identifies it as mind control magic. Noting that information of some sort is leaking out the magic used was very amateur. After showing Arthur this, Liam excuses himself to Call Warden Meyers and Howard.

After they Arrive Warden Meyers conducts and similar test on Arthur and gives him his options. Leave it alone, or try to remove it, with warnings of what could happen. This would put him out for over a day and Arthur refuses to miss the exhibit. Meyers leaves.

A new form of questioning begins with everyone trying to ask yes/no style questions to see if Arthurs response is triggered to enlighten them with answers. Items Learned:

The Name of this association is the Vexus Alumi
Arthur knows Warden Vincent Meyers and its covered up by the spell (Bomb Drop)
There is a Demon involved and Arthur has knowledge of it.
The Book Stolen from Sparks house was the Esylium and it is in the posession of the Vexus Alumi

and much more…Arthur agrees to stay at the Convent that Night, as does everyone else. Howard says he will look into the Esylium more.



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