UnSeelie Equinox

"Wardens" Night

October 10th 12:30pm

Sister Mary Elizabeth, Annie, and Liam go to the Scottish arms to visit the Wardens. There they talk to the Bartender Otis (a devote catholic and minor practitioner who works for the wardens) and ask for Warden Meyers. Meyers arrives shortly and Liam informs him of the happenings regarding the Murder of the Archbishop. Meyers notes that the circumstances sound an awful lot like the 3 of them, a practioner, a thief, and a demon slayer. The Concept of the Horseman and the Demon being the same was also brought up. Liam showed Meyers the Demetrious Sphere (almost losing his head) and Meyers confirmed that Warden Sparks, Styles, Himself, Liam, Howard, (otis if he had a decade) were the only ones who could make one. Meyers also noted that Warden Sparks had not checked in the 3 days. After gathering all the information he stated the wardens would begin an investigation and left. At this time SME noted a Black Sedan with blacked out windows drive slowly past and stop in front of Annie’s car for a few seconds the move on. After Meyers left Otis informed them the nobody had checked on Sparks house yet and gave them the address. after checking annie’s car, they headed to 211 Labadie Bottom Rd (spark’s house).

Arriving at the property Liam Noted the circle shaped trees around the property and their obvious use for a ward. The house was in good condition but didn’t look like anyone was home. Liam began work on a ritual to learn the ward status. SME and Annie went inside for a look, no major findings inside the house besides a few odd animals in the ice box in the basement. Liam completed his ritual to learn the ward was taken down voluntarily had been down for 3 days and was very powerful for keeping things in or out. At this time a van came down the road and 4 men got out and started shooting. The fight persisted with Annie’s car being destroyed, SME getting shot in the shoulder, 2 were killed and 2 were knocked out. All were super-humanly fast, strong, and tough, they had jet black eyes and were thought to be red court infected. They were questioned (1 bled out and died) they learned that they were hired yesterday and told today where to find their targets and followed them out here. They were hired by a nameless blonde man in a suit.

Further investigation of the house lead them to the pantries in the kitchen which had magical sense and a trapped door. SME cut a hole in the wall and Annie went in to disarm a claymore mine while liam enjoyed a beer on the porch. Once inside they found Spark’s Magical Sanctum and his corpse lying on the ground, shot to death.



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